Rev. W. Dennis Griffith, Lead Pastor dennis@gracecovpca.org

Rev. Camper Mundy, Associate Pastor camper@gracecovpca.org

Aaron Kota aaron@gracecovpca.org

Timothy Nargi tim@gracecovpca.org

Bryan Simpers conocarius05@yahoo.com

Bob Smole, (Clerk of Session) bob@gracecovpca.org

Steve Tewksbury stevet@gracecovpca.org

Jack Tuttle jack@gracecovpca.org

Dalton Hylton, Elder Emeritus

Ron Pohl, Elder Emeritus

Lanning Anderson Elder Emeritus

Allen Slade Elder Emeritus

To contact all the elders please email: elder@gracecovpca.org


Brad Allen

Jim Becraft

Tim Cleary

Greg Harris

David Hoffman, Chairman

Peter McHenry

Daniel Malone

Daniel Proctor

Justin Stevens

Jennifer Allen, Deacon Assistant

Rachel Tuttle, Deacon Assistant

Dick Turner, Deacon Emeritus

Rod Linnekin, Deacon Emeritus

To contact the deacons please email: deacon@gracecovpca.org

Ministry Leaders

Grace Covenant has an invaluable volunteer and part time workforce. All those who serve enable us to carry out an effective ministry. Below is a list of leaders representing various ministries and support teams:

Computer Tech: Tim Nargi

Men's Ministry: Mark Mortier

Women's Ministry: Gwen Martin

Weddings: Jennifer Allen

Global MIssions: Nathan Keiweit

Prayer Ministries: Kathy Buhl

Finance Team: David Lunt

Distribution Clerk: Cris Tewksbury

Vans: Brad Allen

Library: Tim Nargi