Core Values


To value the glory of God is to love God, and to love what He loves.  To value the glory of God is to be passionate about learning about God, recognize the weightiness of his Being, to delight in the radiance of His Works, and to take seriously the awesome significance of all of His attributes and His holiness.  To value the glory of God is to recognize our greatest satisfaction will be found in Him, and that our greatest joys all come from Him. In short, to value the glory of God is to make much of God, not of ourselves.



We value the Scripture because it is God’s Word. Because it is God’s Word, it carries the authority of God himself. Through Scripture God reveals to us what we need to know about God, about ourselves, and how He has designed life to be lived.  Amazingly, we are not only informed by Scripture, but also formed by it. For we know the Word of God is living and active (Hebrews 4.12), making wise the simple (Psalm 19.7), and a light that guides us through life (Psalm 119.105)



The gospel is the message of what God has promised, and of what God is doing, through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Through the gospel God has redeemed a people for himself, and He is restoring his good creation. But the gospel is more than just a set of facts to be believed. The gospel is also the "power of God" to be experienced. (Romans 1.16) Through the power of the gospel, God changes lives and makes all things like new.


To value the gospel is to make this message the center of our faith. To experience the gospel is to root our lives in this promised power.  When we view ourselves and view others through the lenses of the gospel God forms us as a community.  When the gospel shapes the way we live, love, give, serve, speak, parent, and relate to one another, we demonstrate that the grace of Jesus Christ is more beautiful than anything that life can give or that death can take away. 



Grace Covenant is a church “for” the community where God has placed us: Williamsburg and the Historic Triangle. 

  • Some churches are "of" the culture - they so embrace the culture that they lose their identity and distinctiveness.
  • Some churches are “against” the culture - they so oppose the culture that they lose their relevance.
  • Some churches think of themselves as “above” the culture - they so super-spiritualize life, and withdraw from the culture, that they lose any point of contact with their neighbors. 

But Grace Covenant is a church “for” the culture. We are committed to participating in and engaging our community and its culture in order to contribute toward the prosperity and spiritual renewal of Greater Williamsburg.  (Jeremiah 29.7



Grace Covenant is "sending" church. From our very beginning we have been committed to raising up and sending out those who take the grace of Jesus to the Nations: Missionaries, Pastors & Church Planters, Campus Ministers & Youth Workers, Seminary Presidents & Faculty, etc.  We are also committed to partnering with praying for others who serve God around the world. We long for that day when God's Kingdom comes, and His will is done, on earth as it is in heaven.