Campus Ministries

Grace Covenant, being a church started by college students wanting a church to call home, has from our beginning had a commitment to campus ministries. In additon to RUF, InterVarsity, and Agape Christian Fellowship at College of William & Mary, Grace Covenent supports other campus ministries throughour Virginia and across the USA

Ben Robertson - RUF @ William & Mary

Jeff Lee - RUF @ Christopher Newport University

Catherine Cook - RUF @ Harvard University

Eddie Park - RUF @ Brown University

Heath McGlaughen - RUF @ Virginia Tech

Joe Slater - RUF @ James Madison University

RUF is the campus minnistry of our denomination, the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). Check out the video below to learn why we are so excited about our dynamic partnership with RUF:

Church planting

The continual planting of new congregations is the most crucial strategy for the growth of the body of Christ  Nothing else - not crusades, outreach programs, parachurch ministries, growing mega-churches, congregational consulting, nor church renewal processes - will have the consistent impact as extensive church planting. 

Grace Covenant is pleased to partner with Mission to North America (MNA) and Tidewater Presbytery, to establish new congregations throughout Hampton Roads, and in strategic locations around the United States. 

Here are some of the "mission churches" Grace Covenant supports:

For more information about our church planting mission parnter, check out MNA Church Planting.

To explore why church planting is such an essential mission priority, check out the article: Why Plant Churches?

Chaplain / Military

Military Chaplains minister to a very specific, and very special, group of people - those men and women who have given themselves to protect our freedoms.  Not only do the men and women serving in the military face danger, but they are faced with a variety of other life challenges as well. Some of these challenges are common to all, but others are unique to their military service.  These challenges affect not only the servicemen and servicewomen, but their spouses and children as well. 

Grace Covenant is proud to support the labors of those who minister the gospel to those who secure our freedoms:

  • Rev. Jay Outen - U.S. Army - Fort Campbell
  • Rev. Jason Hill - U.S. Army - Fort Drum
  • Nick Bair - Cru Military - Global Ministry Support Center - Newport News, VA

For more information about chaplain ministry, check out: MNA Chaplain Ministries

Disaster Response

When natural disasters occur in the USA, Grace Covenant partners with MNA Disaster Response to help those in need.  MNA Disaster Response provides support to churches in disaster affected communities through a network of staff and volunteer damage assessment teams, first response teams, site managers, and key leaders. MNA recruits and mobilizes volunteers, receives and distributes supplies and equipment, brings awareness of specific needs, channels recovery funds, focuses prayer and provides spiritual encouragement to our PCA family and their communities.

For more information about how to get involved, training, and current opportunities, click: MNA Disaster Response.