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The aim of Grace Covenant's Youth Ministry is to help students to cultivate a deep, rich, enduring faith in Jesus Christ - a faith that will carry them through college and young adulthood into life.  We help equip students to enjoy and glorify God; and to serve both in the Church and in the world. 

It is our mission to connect with students (grades 6-12) and their families, encouraging them with the transforming power of the gospel of Jesus Christ, that they may grow in His grace through study of the Bible, prayer, fellowship with the Christian community, and engagement with the world around us. 

Our ministry to middle school and high school students is rooted in these key commitments:


Many teens see faith like a jacket: something they can put on or take off based on their behavior. We seek to help students develop a more robust understanding of the gospel, and help them to integrate their faith into every aspect of life.

Partnership With Parents

Research demonstrates that parents are the #1 influencers when it comes to spirituality in young people - yes, even in teenagers! Grace Covenant is committed to partnering with parents, and empowering them to nurture faith in their families.

Inter-Generational Relationships

Despite the age segregation that exists in many churches, and in the broader culture, research indicates each young person is greatly benefited when surrounded by a team of five adults. So while we provide time and activities for students to gather together, we are committed to integrating teens into the whole life of the church in order to benefit from relationships with people from every generation.

A Safe Place for Questions & Doubts

Doubt is not toxic to faith; silence is. Young people want conversations in response to their hardest questions, not just simple answers. We encourage questions, and we want to have discussions that deepen the faith of everyone involved.

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 Grace Covenant Student Ministry

Gatherings & groups

Large Group


The entire youth group, Middle School & High School, meets every Sunday night from 6-7:30 in the youth group room. This is a fun, safe place for students to encounter Christ through study of the Bible, discussion, and interaction with their peers and adult leaders. This is a doorway into our ministry, and a great place for new students and volunteers to get plugged in.




The discipleship groups are small groups that meet to study God’s word. These groups are led by the youth ministry leaders and are a great place for students to experience gospel centered community, to grow in grace, and engage God’s Word. Each group meets at a church member's house and all of our groups meet on Wednesday Nights at 6:30. The four groups are Middle School Guys, Middle School Girls, High School Guys, High School Girls. Please contact Charley for more information or for where each group meets.


Sunday School


Classes meet each Sunday morning during the church’s education hour. These classes feature a Bible-based curriculum designed to educate our students on the fundamentals of the Christian faith.


High School Class Leaders: Aaron & Dena Kota

Middle School Class Leaders: Daniel & Katie Block




An essential part of our youth ministry includes creating opportunities for students to interact with each other in informal fun activities. A variety of events throughout the year provide terrific opportunities for our students to both develop relationships within the group and reach out to friends by inviting them to join an enjoyable activity in an un-intimidating environment.


The service aspect of our youth ministry aims to introduce students to Jesus' call for his followers to love our neighbors and to serve others in practical ways, and to instill a Kingdom vision of the community and world around us. We partner with organizations around Greater Williamsburg, as well as serving our local body by helping those who are in need within the Grace Covenant community.


Special Events & Retreats


Middle School Modgnik – September

Youth World Awareness Weekend (YOWAW) – March/April

RYM High School Conference - July/August

All these activities help to build community within our group through a fun shared experience. Our retreats in particular help get us out of our usual surroundings and routines, and provide us opportunity to connect with other students both from around Virginia and across the USA .

Calendar of Events

Grace Covenant Youth Ministry Calendar